Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bxen Trade is a very successful project presented online using 5 years of planning, 2 years of research and development and intelligent software technology with self-learning capability.
The company's 2-month plan includes moving its headquarters completely to Estonia to increase their success with crypto licenses and increase their revenue by increasing their online customers’ profit.
Bxen Trade, which aims to be the world's best investment company in robotic software within crypto trade, says that it does not look forward to future mergers or sales offers.
Within the scope of the 1-year plans, a suitable and selected stock exchange in Europe is planned to be supplied with 30% of the company.
Considering funny questions such as fake or real, the operation of the company is very stable and continues with the principle of zero customer dissatisfaction.
As a clear indication of this, Bxen has never received bad reviews from any of its online customers, so far.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Bxen Review :
What is the true story of Bxen Trade?

Bxen is a company which is established as a result of 5 years of acquaintance and 2 years of R&D work by 3 partners, using smart robots that has the ability to learn in their softwares.
The Bxen story begins when two American and Ukrainian partners sell the bitcoins they buy from Ukraine on the stock exchanges in the United States, earning a steady income and starting a research.
Afterwards, the Ukrainian partner's friend in Estonia joins and they start their research as a startup project. 3 partners who continue their arbitrage work manually during the research and software process increase their budgets more.

The research and development phase of the system, which requires advanced software skills, becomes completed in 2 years and they launch the system online.
3 highly successful partners will soon celebrate the rise of their companies by completing the stages of bitcoin trade license in 2 countries.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Bxen scam ?  
Bxen Trade’s Robot Technology

After more than 2 years of research and development and numerous tests, trading robots work wonders.
The sole purpose of these robots is to make money, making both customers and companies win.
In the Bitcoin market, the price difference between stock markets and countries can rise very high within certain ranges.
Becasue of the lack of manual processing capacity with human tracking, robots that do wonders with their software comes into play.
Robots enter the stock exchange and sales companies in dozens of countries and perform trading transactions, leaving significant revenue to users and the company with the difference of arbitrage.
Many users are currently trading online.
Bxen will soon become one of the largest in the market with a crypto license; the company's 1-year plans say that the company will be traded on the European stock exchanges.